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Women Wearing Sanitary Towels,pictures What Did Women In The Past Use As Sanitary Wear?

What did women in the past use as sanitary wear? - women wearing sanitary towels,pictures

It may sound like a hideous question, but I wonder about this. In fact, no one speaks the history of medicinal use, but must have existed in the past that women have always been time, and I can not imagine bleeding women from the past, just a lot of fun everywhere.


Jas B said...

Know an interesting question, I have used pieces of cloth, but found when I was a bit of research, and as always there is a wealth of information online, there's even a museum of menstruation, in a suburb of Washington DC (located link below);

According to the museum of menstruation in the 19th Century European and American women probably did nothing to contain the menstrual period. In fact, not only women not alter the menstrual blood which also absorb not wear underwear.

In 1899 a German physician, after consulting the women wrote in a book of German-middle-class women ( "Health in the House"):
"It's horrible to bleed all over your shirt, and wear the same shirt for four to eight days in May, approximatelyTo use infection.
"It was the old custom of rural women and women of the lower classes. Almost as if women were in professional theater on the carpet installation [Binder - buffer to a modern American theater '] or sponge, and some women wore underwear or pads used, so that d 'tissues. Cleaning and washing was considered to be unhealthy, because the women fear that block bleed bleeding or intense. "
The above is my translation of an appointment, then the "History of Lingerie 1700-1960. 1988th Historical Museum Frankfurt am Main, p. 336, written by two women, Almut Junker, Eva silence.

Disposable pads owe their origin to nurses who organize for the first time with the idea of the riverThe menstrual blood, with the help of strips of wood pulp in the clinic. Manufacturers have an idea of bandages and pads, and preparations for the practices that were cheap enough to be eliminated. Gradually, other manufacturers joined the line. However, the prices were high, which makes exclusive toiletries rich women.

During the Victorian doctors believed that, if the regularity of the time the woman to her mental health - that is your thoughts controls your body. Professor of English and cultural studies scholar Sally Shuttleworth described the relationship between the movement for women, menstrual cycles and mental health.

William Buchan article about menstruation in the diseases of women in his book "InsideMedicine. (Not just Buchan assumed that menstruation was an illness, but also refers to women's health in the area of national life - not a serious health problem

Every effort of the mind, be it the mental effort or emotion could be fatal, it was suggested in the creation of obstruction of menstruation. Women should therefore focus on blunting of the mind so that your processes are in the body unhindered by mental retardation.

The whole issue is something to accept what I do, that modern women for granted, but when I looked at the fascinating and I realize how lucky we are. It's so nice to have a very interesting article and I want to know more about it.

Louise C said...

used before the invention of cloth, women, to use cloth. Another possibility was MIGH thave wool, wool is very absorbent, and many women had in the pre-industrial era AAccess wool, so many women earned their living by spinning.

The patch was after 1 World War developed. The nurses in the war found that the associations have been used for pulp highly absorbent disposable and made the protection of health. In the years 1921 and Kotex was published.

thing 55001 said...

Much depends on where you live. In some cultures, women have used towels that were more suitable for outerwear, and wash again if necessary.

In other cultures, dried using sponges and other natural resources of absorbent material to absorb wear and menstrual cups.

Elsewhere, women are to "refuges" exiled during menstruation, or just even in their own homes until they can not, of course, menstruation leave.

Many of these practices still exist today.

The following link takes you to the Museum of Menstruation Online ... Very interesting site.

Cheers :-)

MESSIAH said...

They just moan and splashing, which areas are rubbed with a coarse towel until they are red and raw once pleasant.

Lost on planet earth said...

Welcome to reality ... I wonder what to use for toilet paper ... I grew up in the forests and the many uses of maple leaves.

David said...

They used cloth and foam.

bj_dj said...

than the original form of expression said ... Rags

Sandy said...

My mother told me when I was very young, actually contribute to rags. Wash .. .. .. sounds unpleasant and reusing, but if you have or something else ..

Club Baby Seal said...

Fish Sponge

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